Mediation within the workplace

Mediation is a highly effective means for addressing and resolving workplace disputes, whether interpersonal issues between individuals, claims of harassment and discrimination, or issues with poor performance or termination. Without mediation, these disputes frequently result in an unpleasant working environment, decreased productivity and costly litigation. Mediation on the other hand, allows workplace issues to be addressed in a timely, cost effective manner and in a confidential environment where mutual solutions are identified and respectful professional working relationships are restored.


Mediation within the workplace is different in many aspects from mediation in the context of litigation. Unlike civil litigation mediation where the parties seek to completely resolve a matter, the goal of a workplace mediation is to leave the parties better suited to work together.

Workplace mediation facilitates communication between individuals, allows clarity of the underlying issues and permits the creation of mutually agreeable solutions. The confidentiality of discussions between individuals and the mediator empowers individuals to openly communicate needs and interests that may have been ineffectively communicated, or were not considered or understood. The mediator can then fashion mutually satisfactory resolutions, strengthen relationships and ultimately create a better working environment where future conflicts are prevented or minimized.